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Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 10, 2011

Chicca/Zaninovich Wedding
Stockdale Country Club
280 Guests

Thank you for making our daughter’s wedding night such a memorable event.


There is always a fine balance when hiring a band: you want people to enjoy listening to the music, but you also want guests to get out and dance. I believe it was because of Rembrandt that our guests danced so much, laughed so much, and connected so much. The trick to such a successful evening was that Rembrandt danced, laughed, and connected so well with our guests and each other. They were truly a priceless addition to the event.


We appreciated Rembrandt’s ability to work with such an extensive playlist. Their wide variety of musical talents allowed us to cater to all of our guests’ likes. We felt as though this was a band really performing for us and not themselves—they always made my daughter and future son-in-law the focus of their planning and performance.


When the evening began, Rembrandt did an excellent job of making the wedding party/guests the focus. Their spot-on renditions of old classics and new dance numbers were so accurate many people forgot they were a live band! They were able to re-create all of the special songs that mean so much to the wedding party and really allowed the bride and groom and their families take the spotlight.


As the evening progressed, so did Rembrandt’s talents. Their impeccable music performances continued, and in addition they did an amazing job of creating a concert-like atmosphere where band members and guests were able to dance and sing together. It was not uncommon to see the grandmother of the bride twirling with a singer! The more fun the band members were having, the more fun the guests were having. And the guests craved more even after five hours!


When the evening moved to cake-cutting and bouquet throwing, the band again let the wedding party shine by creating a musical background that enhanced the event. Even during the band’s quick breaks, the music continued and so did the dancing.


Guests of the wedding continually commented on the engaging and entertaining band that truly helped create one of the best events of our lives.


We highly recommend Rembrandt for any event/wedding. We would love to be invited to their next gig so we can dance the night away again!


Thank You Rembrandt…..

The Jerry Chicca Family